Shortbread cookies. For years now these light, crisp cookies have been a tradition we all enjoy this time of year. When the temperatures drop and leaves begin to change, we always find ourselves searching out our favorite brand or flavor of these crispy delights!

So imagine, if you will, a light, airy, snappy shortbread cookie that is tasty, gluten and grain free, and only includes 4 ingredients. That’s right, just 4 ingredients! Sounds impossible right? Improvable even. Trust me when I tell you though, these cookies are absolutely, mouth-watering amazing!

Using our Organic Coconut Flour, with some help from our Coconut Oil and Raw Honey, we’ve created a delicious, yet extremely simple shortbread cookie recipe that everyone can enjoy. How simple, you ask? Trust us, any baker, from the culinary-skilled chef to the novice beginner, can bake up these cookies! Get ready, it’s time to make some Coconut Flour Shortbread Cookies.

6 Tbsp Honeyville Organic Coconut Flour
4 Tbsp Coconut Oil
2 Tbsp Raw Honey
1 tsp Vanilla

Yields: 6 cookies

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.


In a large bowl, combine coconut flour, coconut oil, honey, and vanilla, and mix together.


You should have a dense, yet semi-crumbly dough.


Take a spoonful of dough and place it on your USA Pan Cookie Sheet, lined with parchment paper. Repeat for remaining dough.


Using a fork, press down on dough ball.


Bake at 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes. Remove and allow to cool on pan for 5 minutes before serving.


Light, crisp, and packed full of so much flavor and texture, these are the shortbread cookies you never knew you could enjoy! So delicious and tasty, with just a subtle hint of coconut flavor and the perfect amount of crunchy texture. Best of all, these cookies have only 4 ingredients and literally took just minutes to make and bake! You know you can’t beat that!


We all love shortbread cookies and now, thanks to these simple recipe, we all can bake them too!