It’s International Waffle Day! Grab the syrup, slather on a cube of butter, and let the delicious, Belgium inspired madness begin!

For me, there is no better breakfast than a big, warm waffle. Those mouth watering squares fill my stomach and soul with a warmth that can’t be matched in any other morning meal. So with International Waffle Day upon us, how do you make this time-tested treat even better? How about making a waffle out of our famous Churro mix? Sounds to good to be true? Set your taste buds to stun, we’re about to bake up the warm, sugary goodness that is Churro Waffles!
2 3/4 cups Water, boiled
1/2 cup Sugar
1 tsp Cinnamon
Place your Churro mix in a bowl and place in a preheated oven of 350 degrees for 5 minutes. This heats up the mix, which will make the dough more flexible and elastic when you mix it with water.
On your stove top, boil 2 3/4 cups water.
Place warmed mix and boiled water in your BOSCH Universal Mixer and mix on setting #2 until a soft dough forms.
Remove dough and place on a hard surface. Be careful, the dough will be very, very warm.
While dough is mixing, prepare and warm up your waffle iron. Make sure to spray it well with a cooking spray of your choice, as this dough tends to stick at the high temperature.
Make dough into balls, about double the size of a golf ball, and place in iron.
Press, cook, and remove once golden brown. Brush with melted butter and top with your cinnamon/sugar blend.
Get ready for a whirlwind of taste and texture, as these waffles will definitely play tricks with your mind and taste buds. The look is that of a waffle, but the taste is exactly what you’d expect in a Churro. Serve these babies as is for a sweet breakfast, or top with a scoop of ice cream for an out-of-this-world dessert. Either way, these waffles are sure to make a strong impression on your entire family.
It’s Waffle Time! Why not make it a Churro Waffle day?