I like to eat my fruits and vegetables but add something chocolate and I’ll have thirds and fourths!  This is quick to whip up for an after school snack or just because you need some deliciousness in your day.

1 cup Honeyville Peanut Butter Powder
1 scoop Honeyville Hazelnut Hot Cocoa Mix
6-8 Tbsp Water

In a bowl lightly whisk together the peanut butter and hot cocoa mix.

Gradually mix in the water until the desired consistency is reached.  I wanted mine to be dip-able but not too thin.

Serve with cut up fruit.

It is possible that I dipped some Oreos and found that to be delicious as well.  I think paired with the right cracker (like pretzels, Graham crackers or even Ritz) it would be dynamite too.  Oh I just thought about making some bread and spreading this over the top–yum and yum!  Really the possibilities are endless!

Happy Eating!