You guessed it sports fans, it’s finally here! Pull out the jerseys from your closet and grab the portable grill for tailgating, because September 5th kicks off the start of football. The wait is over, and the new season is here! Football season, for my family and I, means getting together with good friends, watching great football, and enjoying all of the amazing football snacks and appetizers. Sports always comes hand-in-hand with yummy eatings. Baseball has hot dogs, basketball has nachos, football has hot wings, and even nascar has corn dogs.

Today, I made one of the Johnson family favorites, with a little TVP twist. Honeyville’s TVP meat replacements are great for any meal, and are much healthier than regular meat. You can even do a 50/50 mix to make regular meat last much longer in your home. This recipe is super-easy and only takes minutes to make. Try it out for you and your family on gameday, and enjoy spicing it up with your own favorite toppings.

Ingredients (makes 16 servings):
1 can of Honeyville Chili Flavored TVP
1 package of dinner rolls (16 in a package)

1 can of Honeyville Bacon Flavored TVP
1 can of Honeyville Freeze Dried Mozzarella Cheese

First, lets rehydrate the TVP. Follow the directions on the cans and make however much you need


Next, cut off the tops of the dinner rolls like so
and hollow out the centers to create a bowl-like shape
Fill the bread bowls with Chili TVP

Add your favorite toppings
(I picked bacon TVP and mozzarella cheese, yum!)

And there you have it!
Gameday appetizers that fans from any team will love