One of the biggest benefits of working at Honeyville is taste-testing all of the great products we offer. Whether it’s freeze dried fruits, powdered eggs, or different wheats, grains, and flours, working at Honeyville is not only a great job, but also a delicious one to have!

After a recent visit from Chef Tess to our Rancho Cucamonga Store for classes, I arrived to work Monday with a pleasant surprise on my desk. Our own Chef Tess had left some of her personal Meals in a Mylar Bag and small Mason Jars for me. Well, what better thing to do than to hold a little taste test? Below are two mylar meals and one personal Meal in a Jar that Chef Tess left for us to try. All three have been featured either on her 5 Personal Meals in a Jar post a few weeks ago or her Meals in a Jar video that can be found on the Honeyville YouTube channel (It’s the Baked Ziti recipe, minus the cheese). I’ve also recruited some help from a few of the folks in the E-Commerce department here at Honeyville, James and Nikita, to give their personal reviews of the meals they tasted. Enjoy!

Taco Soup

You may remember seeing this one in Tess’ recent 5 Personal Meals in a Jar post. Being a father myself, this is the perfect Tuesday night quick meal! With a recipe list that includes Honeyville Freeze Dried Chicken, Freeze Dried Bell Peppers, Taco TVP, Quick Cook Red Beans, and Freeze Dried Corn, this recipe has a little bit of everything in the Honeyville lineup. The Hearty and warm taste is also perfect for the upcoming autumn weather. And if you’re worried about your little ones, don’t be. This soup has the perfect blend of not too spicy but just enough flavor, with heaping amounts of vegetables and meat that are sure to fill your belly, but not empty your pockets!

Taco Rice

James: After cooking up a mylar pack of the Taco Rice Recipe by Chef Tess, my initial impression was this stuff smells authentic! Once it hit the palette I knew it was her Southwest Fajita Seasoning that gave this rice just the right amount of kick. I would relate this rice recipe to Mexican style rice that would be great to add in a burrito or even complement Honeyville’s Quick Cook Black Beans as side dishes.  If you need a little Mexican influenced dishes in your food storage plan, this recipe is sure to get that started for you.

The Taco Rice Mylar Bag Meal is a quick and delicious ready-made food storage option. You could utilize this pre-made recipe in your food storage pantry to give your family a palatable menu while in a time of crises and it would be one of the easier items to cycle into your food rotation plan. Who says food storage can’t taste good? Here at Honeyville, we believe it should taste just as good as a home cooked or gourmet meal.

Saucy Italian Noodle and Sausage


Nikita: I’m a huge fan of Italian food, so when I was asked to try this Italian meal in a jar, I said yes right away without any hesitation. The first bite turned into eating the entire bowl within 5 minutes. I couldn’t believe this fabulous meal came from a jar! There were mushrooms, tomatoes, zesty Italian herbs and spices, elbow macaroni, and my favorite, sausage. The pasta sauce was thick and creamy, with a true Italian taste of sweet and tangy. The spicy sausage added that extra kick to complete this hearty meal, and the personal jar portion filled me up easily. I look forward to more meals in a jar from Chef Tess, especially if they are all as good as this one!
As you can see, we had nothing but good experiences from the fabulous treats Chef Tess left for us to try. But we want to know what you think. Have you tried any of Chef Tess’ personal Meals in a Jar/Mylar bags and, if so, what are your favorites?