Friday and Saturday this week, the Brigham City Store will be having their ANNIVERSARY SALE! If you live in this area, you won’t want to miss out! And to celebrate with the Brigham Store we will also be doing a GIVE-AWAY on the BLOG!!! Check back tomorrow for the details on the BLOG GIVE-AWAY!!!
During the Anniversary Sale, the Brigham City Store: 
  • will be having  hundreds of dollars in Prizes given away! Some example of prizes:  $150, $100 & $50 Honeyville Farms Gift Certificates, Mountain Man Jr. Griddle, RealSalt Gift Packs, Survival Kit, Gamma Lids and Cookbooks, just to name a few!
  • Free Gift to customers each day while supplies last!  
  • Random give-aways throughout each day!  
  • Not to mention they have a SPECIAL SALE for just the Brigham City Store on Friday and Saturday!!!
And Brigham City’s Class schedule for FRIDAY and SATURDAY will be:

June 8, 2012 (Friday) 10:00 a.m. Meatless Wonders by Chef Tess
Have you ever wondered how to make veggie dogs and stretch your family food budget with meat replacements? This is a great class for learning the secrets of fabulously flavorful and delightfully textured gluten cookery. We make sausages, chick-less nuggets, “meat”balls and more!  It tastes so good you won’t believe it’s meat free! Note…this is NOT a gluten free class. CLASS FEE $5.00 PER PERSON. 
June 8, 2012 (Friday)   6:00 PM Bold Better Bread Class by Chef Tess
Understanding the basics of wheat flour can change the way you not only make bread, but also cakes, cookies, and pastries – as well as thickening puddings and sauces.  I will be focusing on wheat flour specifically in this bread seminar.  I will be covering five general areas in this workshop.  They are, the qualities of good bread, Equipment Necessary, Ingredients, Temperatures, and Dough handling Skills.  I will be covering basic sandwich loaves and also some details for using a bucket instead of a mixer to get wonderful bread results.  CLASS FEE $5.00 PER PERSON
June 9, 2012 (Saturday) 10:00 A.M. Chef Tess 52 Method Breakfast Edition… Meals In A Jar by Chef Tess
Do you have your dinners in a jar but wonder what to make for breakfast?! Now I’m doing a grand new class full of outstanding meal in a jar recipes complete “just add water” for food storage that’s outstanding and easy to make! Quiche, Gourmet breakfast puddings, frittatas’ and country skillets will come alive right before your eyes! You don’t want to miss this one…and all the samples. CLASS FEE $5.00 PER PERSON 
June 9, 2012 (Saturday) 12:00 PM Sun Oven Demonstration by David & LaRue Howells (details TBA) cooking some meal-in-a-jar samples and how to use the Global Sun Oven. This class is Free
June 9, 2012 (Saturday) 2:30 PM Chef Tess Meals In A Jar – 
Are you looking for a simple way to plan your food storage menu and still eat amazing food with great flavor?    Food storage doesn’t have to be bland and it should be convenient enough to use every day!  Come join the fun an energetic class as I’m visiting from Phoenix to share the 52 Method, Meals in a Jar!  It’s a food storage method that’s sweeping the nation because it’s so simple and so good! Every meal is self contained.  The real meat, sauce and veggies!  Plus…most of the meals are shelf stable 5-7 years!  All are made to just add water.  All are simple enough to make from the jar that my 12 year old son can make them!  Anyone can do it!  Come taste a few recipes.  This is always helpful when making prepared meals!  I’ll give you my gourmet recipes and some outstanding ideas!  Sign up early, the class fills up quickly.  CLASS FEE IS $5.00 PER PERSON
What an AWESOME weekend for the Brigham City Store!!!!! See you there!