Finally!!! What many of you have asked for! I can’t tell you how many times someone has asked “If I want to use your (fill in the blank with a FD/Dehydrated food) in my recipe, how do I know how much to use since it’s not rehydrated?” And it is a FABULOUS question! Really the answer that has been given is…”It depends. It depends on the product and how much water was removed.” Yes, that is a totally true answer…but now there is NO GUESSING! We have made this chart just for you! You want to know how much Freeze Dried Chicken to use in your recipe that calls for 2 cups…well easy peasy for you! Pull out this chart and you will know the answers immediately!
Take a look below, then scroll down for some more explanation:
Click here to get the chart
So let me explain how this works. ALL food items started out as 1/2 cup measurement (noted at bottom of chart) straight from the can. Then it was weighed.. Then the item was rehydrated, weighed and measured again. So above you will see starting weight, then you will see the ending weight as well as the ending measurement. Wala! Easy, right!?
Now, you may look at this chart and wonder why a few of the items on the ending measurement say “slightly less than” or “slightly more than”….let me explain:
Slightly less than: some of the products, once rehydrated become more flexible if you will. So it fills in those gaps and holes and no longer fills out to be a 1/2 cup.
Slightly more than: is a VERY full 1/2 cup. But it wasn’t full enough to bump up to the next measurement.
Also, this is noted on the bottom of the chart, but I want to remind everyone again: results may vary depending on how you store your product, climate you live in (because of humidity), how long you let it re-hydrate, size/shape of product, etc….
Well, we sure hope this chart makes your life easier when using your food storage! PLEASE feel free to ask us any questions. Leave a comment or shoot us an e-mail (
Good night!