Updated 4/1/2011–Brigham added 2 classes! See details below…

Another month means another set of classes!  I’ve been to a couple of classes and they have been so informative!  It’s been great to share knowledge with other class members about what works for them. Make sure you call your store to secure your spot!  

Brigham City, UT

**New** Wednesday, April 13 10:00AM “Use It or Lose It: Non-Fat Dry Milk
Non-fat dry milk is a great ingredient to have on hand for baking, creating soups and sauces, desserts and beverages.  Come and learn about how to store it and use it to make white sauce, cream soup, pudding, hot chocolate mixes, homemade sweetened condensed milk, and homemade yogurt.

Friday, April 15 10:00AM  “The First 72 Hours

This class will be taught by Glen Weeks.  Come learn what you need to have on hand to get through the first 72 hours after a disaster.

**NEW** Tuesday, April 19 10:00AM “I Know I Need Food Storage, But How Do I Begin
This class will be taught by Cheryl Moore.  Food storage can seem overwhelming but it is really easy and fun.  In this class you will learn to take the meals you are eating right now and make them into a three month food supply.  We will also talk about long term storage needs, where to store food, and how to store it.  You will walk out of this class saying, “Food storage isn’t that hard!  I CAN do it!”
Monday, April 25 10:00AM “How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off
This class will be taught by Grant Cefalo, Registered Dietician from McKay Dee Hospital. You will learn about easy changes using what you have at your house to lose weight and what really works to lose weight!

Salt Lake City, UT
Saturday,  April 9 11:00AM AND 1:00PM “Designing Your Food Storage
Liesa Card, author of “I Dare You To Eat It”, will help guide you step-by-step through designing food storage to fit your family’s needs and preferences by the role of provident, provide an overview of a practical system for integrating food storage into normal, everyday meals and explain the simple steps for implementing your own food storage plan, tailored to the way your family eats.  
Saturday, April 23 10:00AM AND 11:30AM “Disaster Preparation and Procedures
Tami Giersberger will be talking about ways you can be an asset instead of a liability when disaster strikes and how to stay prepared.  You’ll discuss sanitation, water storage, and procedures during pandemics and evacuating.
Salt Lake is also kicking off “Teaching Tuesdays” in April.  Watch for more details but here are some that have already been scheduled…
April 5-Glen Weeks from Home Preparedness Consultants will be coming to discuss how cleanliness is next to impossible when public services break down after a disaster.  Every day practices that will help you to maintain stability in all kinds of situations.
April 12-Techniques and insights into making your perfect Food Storage Bread! 
April 19-Shirley J Foods will be demonstrating some of the great ways to utilize their products in preparing delicious meals!
Chandler, AZ
Saturday, April 9  10:00AM “Sun Oven Demo
This class is perfect for you “Valley of the Sun” residents!  Gabrielle Mandola, author of  http://solarovenchef.blogspot.com/ will be teaching.  She will demonstrate the best tips and advice on solar cooking & baking. She will be passing out her favorite recipes and sampling several Honeyville items! 
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Saturday, April 16 10:00AM “All About Beans”
Allison Cutler, The Healthy Cooking Guru, will be teaching all about beans.  Come learn tips, tricks, and how nutritious and important beans in your diet and delicious too!
There is a fee for this class:  $5/individual or $7/couple.
Happy Learning!