Simple and easy. When it comes to creating delicious treats, there are no two better words than these. I mean, we all love to eat those delicious pastries, pies, and cakes that line the display cases at our local bakery. But when it comes to baking them, time isn’t always on our side.
If you’re anything like me, sometimes the easier a recipe is, the better. Combine that simplicity with speediness, and you’ve got the perfect recipe to give you that deliciousness you desire, while still fitting in to your hectic schedule.
Today’s recipe is just that. Simple, you bet! It only has 4 ingredients. Easy, of course! Just combine your ingredients and mix. And fast, oh yeah! This treat literally bakes up in 1 minute. Now, add the fact that this cake is made with our amazing Blanched Almond Flour and now simple and easy has also become gluten-free and paleo friendly! Grab your favorite mug, it’s time to bake up some Almond Flour Chocolate Mug Cake!
1 Egg
2 Tbsp Organic Cacao Powder (you can also use Baker’s Cocoa if you’d like)
2 Tbsp Raw Honey
First, prepare your ingredients.
In a small bowl, add egg and whisk.
Next, add your remaining ingredients. Whisk together until a smooth batter forms.
Pour batter into your favorite mug.
Place in the microwave and bake on high for 1 minute. When you remove from the microwave, the cake will be puffy and above the lip of the mug, but will deflate soon after. Grab a spoon or fork and enjoy!
Rich, tasty, and completely gluten-free, who would’ve thought that in just 1 minute you could have a chocolate lovers dream! The simplicity of this recipe can’t be beat, while the rich flavors leave you wondering if this isn’t the same chocolate cake recipe your local baker prides himself on. With our on-the-go schedules, this is the perfect recipe to give you that tasty boost you need!
Simple and easy. When it comes to delicious cake like this, we wouldn’t want it any other way.