I thought I would dedicate this post to “Water.”  The 5 gallon water jug and the 55 gallon water barrel’s are on sale right now (through September 18th) in the Retail Store’s.
Why Store Water?
You can’t live without water! Whether your water supply was shut off for a few days or the other end of the spectrum; there was a massive earthquake. It doesn’t matter the emergency, you can’t live without water! Please store water. If someone walks into the retail store and says they are just starting their food storage and asks where do they start…..the first answer given is WATER! Start with WATER!!!
How Much Water?
The general rule is to store 1 gallon per person per day. That’s 2 quarts drinking water and 2 quarts cooking and sanitation. In some cases like, hot weather, the sick, nursing mom’s, etc. you may need more than 1 gallon a day. Have a least a 3 day supply of clean drinking water on hand, but strive for 2 weeks of water for each member of your family.
How to Store Water?
There are many options to storing water. It will mostly depend on preference and living quarters. You can store bottled water from the store, you can re-fill (after cleaning) soda containers, you can buy a variety of different size containers (5, 10, 30, 55, 100 gallons). You can store water under your beds, in closets, in a basement, in a garage. Preferably a cool, dark place is best. But ultimately just keep out of direct sunlight.

Other Tidbits:
-Water doesn’t expire, but it is best to rotate water every 6-12 months
-Public Water is already treated. But as an extra safety measure, I would add about 1/8 tsp. of bleach (must be PLAIN bleach; no additives or scents) per gallon of water.