With a new year comes a new start, a new beginning, and a new pledge to be better. For many of us that includes fitting into those pants or that dress from when we were just a bit younger. Life can get busy; long days at work, busy schedules with kids, endless laundry, and the list goes on. It can be easy to forget to continue to maintain our own healthy lifestyle. Sometimes just finding the energy to prepare a healthy meal is the problem holding us back from meeting our goals.

To help, we’ve compiled a list of 10 healthy recipes that fit your New Year’s goals. Go ahead, bookmark this page and revisit it anytime you need some healthy recipe inspiration. Having a game plan to reach our goals makes us so much more successful, so use this as a tool in your game plan!

Pumpkin season may be over, but these delicious and healthy pumpkin pie protein bites are delicious all year long. Make them Saturday or Sunday and store them in the fridge all week for a quick and easy healthy snack.

While you’re meal and snack prepping add this one to your list. These homemade granola cups are a perfect afternoon snack that are as healthy as they are delicious. Staying on track is so much easier when you have a sweet snack option that still fits your New Year’s goals.

Need we say more? Who doesn’t love strawberries and bananas with a kick of oats? This is the easiest, fastest, and one of the most delicious healthy snacks you can make. Didn’t  have time to prep, no worries, this will only take a couple of minutes and will keep you moving towards your New Year’s goals!

It’s hard to beat the tried and true, classic granola bar. This bar uses heart-healthy oats and flax seeds, raw honey, and other delicious ingredients and spices to blend a perfect snack. Skip the packaged granola bars and save money, have a healthier option, and know exactly what’s inside each delicious bite.

We’ve got you covered in the snack department with the last few recipes, so let’s move on to some dinner options. This sweet potato quinoa casserole is a hearty and warm main course that will not only satisfy a desire for so winter comfort food, but will also fit your New Year’s goals.

While this recipe might be a mouthful to say, it’s definitely a delicious mouthful with every bite. This recipe uses freeze-dried ingredients which allows you to prep, save, and make this soup on the go by just adding hot water.

We’ve all heard about the health benefits of quinoa so we won’t convince you to try this recipe based on that. But you should try this recipe because it is just so good! Quinoa only takes a few minutes to make, so this recipe is a great quick dinner or side that will not only fit into your health-related goals but also your busy life.

What’s a good healthy diet plan without some guiltless dessert options? This fudge uses peanut butter and bananas to help create a truly delicious dessert without the high calories and negatives of lots of processed sugar.

This one will take a little more prep than some of our other recipes, but it will be well worth it! Give it a try, we’re sure you’ll absolutely love it!