“This is Us” is back with Season 2 and the emotional rollercoaster is as up and down as ever. Will we find out what happened with Jack Pearson and a possible fire? Will Randall and Beth move towards an adoption? Will Kate, Kevin, and Toby workout their seemingly complex relationship?
One thing is for sure, the raw emotion of the show is not likely to slow down anytime soon. So, to help you get through your next tear-jerking episode, we’ve compiled our best break-up desserts that are perfect for the next time you turn on “This is Us.”
When it comes to soothing the heart-ache of a break-up, or an episode of “This is Us,” it’s hard to beat chocolate and peanut butter mixed into a perfect bundt cake.

If you need a gluten-free option that still offers soft melted chocolate and a gooey delicious center, then our almond flour soft baked cookies might be perfect!
Let’s continue the cookie theme with some easy no-bake white chocolate and raspberry cookies. Everybody knows cookie dough by the spoonful is one of the best “This is Us” companions, and if you skip the final steps of putting the dough into cookie shapes you can grab the spoon and dive right in.
When you can’t decide between cake and cheesecake, the best option is a combination of both in perfect little cupcakes. When you need a “break-up” dessert, this one is a never-fail option.
With “This is Us” Season 2 just beginning, we have a number of weeks of the desire to find comfort in those “break-up” desserts, which feels great at the time, but doesn’t always agree with our waistline or dress size. So, a healthy option shouldn’t be overlooked, like this banana chia seed pudding!
We can’t continue too far without more chocolate and peanut butter, but this time here in a paleo option. Rebecca Pearson would approve of some healthier dessert options as well.
When you want a full, rich flavor to fill the hole left in your soul after finally finding out what happened to Jack Pearson. It’s okay, we’ll be right there with you, spoon in hand.
This is the perfect mix of autumn flavors and a comfort style dessert, right on schedule for the Fall release of Season 2. That combination of timing and flavor make this gluten-free tart our Number 3, “break-up” dessert choice for “This is Us.”
Hitting Number 2 on our list is this delicious almond flour chocolate pie. Serve it with a scoop of french vanilla ice-cream and you’ll feel right at home during the next “This is Us” flashback to when the triplets were babies and life was simple and sweet.
Topping out our list of best “break-up” desserts for “This is Us” is none other than this chocolate mint brownie. No matter what happens in life, or on the screen, these chocolate mint brownies are always there and are always just as delicious.