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Wholesale Food Service and Janitorial Products

Honeyville's food service and janitorial product lines are specially designed to meet all your food service needs. Our range of high-quality, eco-friendly, and innovative products will help you streamline your operations while satisfying your customers' expectations.

Can Liners

Keep your facility clean and organized with our range of can liners. Available in multiple sizes, thicknesses, and materials to accommodate various waste management needs.


Protect your hands and maintain hygiene standards with our selection of gloves. Choose from a variety of materials and sizes to suit your needs.

Paper Cups & Lids

Quench your customers' thirst with our versatile range of drinkware. Choose from our paper cups and lids, available in various sizes and designs, suitable for both hot and cold beverages. Or, for those looking to showcase colorful drinks, our crystal-clear PET cups are perfect for serving up refreshing cold beverages.

Portion Cups

Perfect for sauces, dressings, and condiments, our portion cups ensure accurate portion control and minimize waste.


Complete your beverage service with our selection of straws. We offer an assortment of materials, including paper, PLA, and reusable options.

Food Trays

Present your meals in style with our food trays, designed to hold a variety of dishes securely. Available in different materials and sizes to cater to your specific needs.


Preserve the freshness and taste of your dishes with our high-quality foil options. Choose from a variety of thicknesses and sizes for all your wrapping and cooking needs.

Steam Table Pans

Keep your dishes at the perfect temperature with our durable steam table pans. Available in various sizes and materials, they are perfect for catering events and buffet setups.

Paper Plates

Our sturdy and eco-friendly paper plates are perfect for casual dining or catering events. Choose from a range of sizes and designs to match your desired aesthetic.

To-Go Containers

Our to-go containers come in various materials and sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for any meal. From disposable to reusable options, we have you covered.

Hinged Containers

Our durable and versatile hinged containers are perfect for takeout and delivery services. Choose from an array of materials, sizes, and shapes to suit any type of cuisine or portion size.


From disposable to reusable options, our cutlery collection offers the perfect combination of style, functionality, and eco-consciousness. Serve your meals with confidence using our high-quality knives, forks, and spoons.

Paper Goods

Our paper goods include everything from paper towels and facial tissues to toilet paper, ensuring a clean and comfortable environment for your customers.


Available in various colors, sizes, and materials to complement any setting.

& More

At Honeyville, we're continually expanding our product range to meet your food service & JanSan requirements. Check with your friendly Sales Representative for the latest additions to our ever-growing lineup.

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