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Formulation Design

Honeyville Retail & Food Service Formulation & Design

Quality stems from constantly innovating, and that’s exactly what Honeyville does. When it comes to product design and formulation, we’re constantly evolving our processes and technology in an effort to reinvent existing ideas into unique creations.  

Leading Research & Development Resources
Our in-house lab is the incubator for the research and development team. They have the experience and expertise to formulate, improve, alter or create your dry custom food mixes for just about any market in the food industry.
Precise Procurement

Our procurement department helps find the specific ingredients that meet your standards for quality, price, origin, and certifications. 

Custom Packaging
Honeyville has an art department that specializes in creating custom labels and packaging that showcase all of your product’s differentiators. 
Formulation Design The Honeyville Process

The Honeyville Process


It all starts with an idea, and our team of experts are here to help you develop your next great idea.  


Turn your great idea into even better products with the help of our formulating team, who will turn your vision into reality at the exact specs you need.  


Honeyville takes quality seriously. That’s why our quality assurance team works tirelessly to ensure every product meets your standard and is ready for market.  


Not many co-manufacturing partners can handle packaging, labeling and distribution. Honeyville does all of those things in-house to make everything easier.  

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Interested in learning more about how Honeyville’s product formulation and design capabilities will benefit your company? Get in touch with us below.  

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