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With the capabilities to produce a variety of packaging options, Honeyville has a solution to meet your needs. Our quality production and efficient facilities will help bring your product to the market seamlessly. 

Honeyville’s Packaging Options

Horizontal Fill Pouch

Ideal for packing oatmeal, drink and small mix packets.

Vertical Fill Bag

Inexpensive options for simple stand-up retail packaging.

Pre-Made Bag

Fully printed pouches that also offer a zipper option.

Pillow Bag

Inexpensive retail packaging that works well in boxes or laying down on retail shelves.  

Flat Bottom Bag

Can be fully printed to portray an elevated brand look on the shelf.  

Bag in Carton

Commonly presented on grocery shelves for bakery and breakfast mixes.  

Pinch Bottom Bag

Used for bulk products like flour, typically with double wall paper bags.  


Offering a strong packing material, available in both large metal and cardboard cans.  


Ideal for grocery, café and convenience marketing for items such as oatmeal and pastas.  

Bulk Bag-in-Box

A common packaging option for bulk nuts and flour to present a wholesale look to the consumer.  

Tote Box or Bag

Bulk options for companies that plan to offer a large volume of product.  


Used for bulk foods, dry goods, and long-term storage.

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