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Honeyville Custom Mixing & Blending for Brands

The right mix goes a long way in separating your brand’s product from the competition. Honeyville specializes in dry custom blending to turn your creation into a uniform blend. With multiple high-capacity industrial blenders, we will create a consistent blend.  

Baking Ingredients

With multiple facilities and an in-house grain mill, Honeyville is a tremendous resource for finding the quality baking ingredients you need.  

Beverage Blends

Honeyville delivers satisfaction with every sip, ensuring consistent quality backed by decades of experience in blending dry custom beverages, such as cocoa, smoothies, coffee and tea.  

Bakery Mixes

Honeyville makes creating the right bakery mix a piece of cake by offering a wide variety of finished bakery mixes, such as cake mixes, cookie mixes, pie crust blends and more. 

Breakfast Mixes

From oatmeal blends to pancake mixes, Honeyville has the breakfast mix you need to help your customers start their day off right.  

Snack Foods

Honeyville can easily create the exact snack mix for snackers seeking variety, from granola to trail mix and everything in between.  

Health Food Mixes

Honeyville has health-conscious consumers covered, offering mixes with certified gluten-free and organic ingredients.  

Sauces & Seasonings

Honeyville has the industrial blenders needed to deliver a flavorful sauce or seasoning mix for all sorts of applications.  

Dried Food Blends

Honeyville will create the right mix that makes any dried meal a delight.

Dessert Mixes

Satisfy any sweet tooth with Honeyville’s wide variety of dessert mixes, from soft serve ice cream to whipped toppings and more.

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Interested in learning more about how Honeyville’s custom mixes and blends can benefit your brand? Get in touch with us below. 

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