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Custom Grain Milling

Experience the whole grain advantage

Honeyville’s custom whole grain milling is about precision. From rolled and flaked grains to brans and flours, our state-of-the-art mill creates whole grain products designed to meet your needs. Railcars deliver high quality whole grain berries straight from farmers throughout the Northwest to our state-of-the-art grain mill nestled in the hills of Honeyville, Utah. Through years of trusted partnerships Honeyville has forged relationships with the highest quality grain growers in the United States.

Raw whole grain ingredients are unloaded and sent through a gentle yet detailed cleaning and sorting process to assure that only the finest whole grains are used. Using infrared technology and thorough quality checks, whole grains are sorted by color, weight, size and shape. Our detailed cleaning and sorting processes assures that contaminates and foreign material are removed and all that is left is a beautiful, clean, consistent whole grain berry. From there it’s time to decide what the finished product is going to be. We can do it all, from cracking, steel-cutting, rolling and flaking, hulling, pearling, milling in to flours of coarse, fine, or somewhere in between, or even a custom blend of some or all of the above. Our top quality bulk grains and seeds are shipped throughout the world by the pallet, tote, truckload or rail car depending on our customer’s needs. Our whole grain mill allows us the flexibility to handle the special requirements of some of the largest cereal manufacturers in the world.

Let’s see what unique product we can make for you.

  • Cleaning & Sorting

    Our thorough, four step grain cleaning and sorting process assures clean, consistent, and natural wholesome grains. We clean and sort using a special process and infrared by shape, color, weight and size.

  • Cracked & Steel Cut

    At Honeyville we are experts at cracking grains to the size you need. Having the ability to adapt our cracking process to individual or blended grains is an advantage for you in this evolving industry.

  • Rolled & Flaked

    Our experienced staff can adapt our flexible rolling machines to create the rolled grains and blends that meet your product’s needs. From baby bumped wheat flakes to thick steam oats, we can do it!

  • Hulled & Pearled

    Our founder built one of the first barley huller and pearling machines in the grain industry. With years of expertise behind us, no one does Pearled and Hulled Barley like Honeyville.

  • Whole Grain Flour

    We truly offer Whole Grain Flour. Honeyville’s mill grinds the specified grains and blends to the texture and size needed so the entire cleaned grain berry is used in producing the flour.

  • Multi-Grain Blends

    Our mixing system takes clean grains and blends them in whole, cracked, rolled or milled forms. From ancient grain flours to 6 grain cereals our capabilities produce truly innovative products.

  • Corn Processing

    We are one of the largest processors of corn west of The Mississippi. All varieties of field corn are cleaned for use in tortillas, hominy and more.

  • Brans

    From fine to course bran our state of the art mill processes the outer layer of the grain to create a fiber rich bran for use in breads, muffins, cereals and more.

  • Animal Feed

    Our mill practices sustainability by creating nutrient rich animal feed from grain remanants as well as premium barley pellets and milled soy products.