What makes the Honeyville Mill Unique?

For decades our whole-grain mill located in Honeyville, UT has been servicing the food industry with pride and passion for our work.  Our company philosophy took root in a picturesque valley in northern Utah.  Every milling technology and service we offer originated with a customer who had a specific need. Our ability to be flexible and provide specialty grains has proven to be a value-added solution to our customers.  Our diversification allows us to offer the following:

  • Whole grains
  • (RTE) Flaked grains
  • Cracked grains
  • Multi-grain mixes
  • Whole-grain flours
  • Pearled & hulled grains
  • Soy meal processing 

Honeyville truly offers the whole-grain advantage in whatever pack-size you need. Our relationships with the local grower network is strong and sustainable.  In addition, we offer toll milling services as well.  Our facility is SQF and organic certified.  We are READY to help you with your next opportunity.      

Our Trending Grains & Pulses

Fad diets come and go in a flash.  We have found that what usually sticks and remains sustainable are ingredients that are rich in nutritional values.  Recent consumer demand and CPG interest has been centered around a push for protein. For this reason, we have seen a sizable increase in demand for our Chickpea flour, yellow pea flour and other pulses.  The Honeyville whole-grain mill offers these fiber-rich flours to enhance any application from alternative meats to protein-packed bakery mixes. We offer a variety of pack-size options, from commercial-bulk packaging, foodservice, retail pouches, bag-in-a-box or cups.  Let us help you tackle this emerging opportunity.              

Chickpea Flour

Yellow Split Pea Flour

Our RTE (Ready-To-Eat) Products

Ready-to-eat flaked grains have evolved from being a custom ordered item to a mainstay ingredient in the cereal industry. As companies analyze their risk with agriculture products, the demand for a value-added offering of (R-T-E) flaked grains will continue to grow.  Honeyville, Inc. is READY TO HELP you with your needs, now.  Our grain-flaking production line has been certified through a 3rd party validation study to be able to offer a R-T-E solution for flaked grains.  We want to be your resource for R-T-E flakes if you are manufacturing a cold-press bar, a granola cluster or a R-T-E cereal.  All pack-size options are available from commercial-bulk packaging, foodservice, retail pouches, bag-in-a-box or cups. Minimum order quantities will apply.  Let us review your R-T-E requirements and help you with your opportunities.         

RTE Flakes

RTE End-Uses

Multi-Grain Cereal


Cereal Bars