QA Technician – California

The QA Technician will assure and monitor for the adherence to GMPs, SOPs, Food Safety regulations, and product and customer specifications.  The QA Technician will be responsible to gather raw materials and finished good samples and perform testing to ensure that the product meets specification. The QA Technician will learn, follow and perform the duties and responsibilities as outlined in the Quality Assurance Job Description detailed below.

Reports to: Quality Assurance Manager Rancho Division


Qualifications Required:  High School Diploma, Knowledge of US food manufacturing including GMPs, SOPs, HACCP, SQF, Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and Basic Computer Skills.


Under Direction of the Quality Assurance Manager perform the following duties and responsibilities:                                                            

  1. Incoming ingredient and packaging sampling and testing
  2. Perform pre-operational inspections
  3. Monitor production processes
  4. Verify and monitor CCPs
  5. Perform in process testing
  6. Organize and maintain retain samples
  7. Prepare samples for 3rd party laboratory testing
  8. Conduct environmental sampling and testing
  9. Maintain hold and release program
  10. Conduct Internal GMP Auditing
  11. Assist with customer complaint investigations
  12. Initiate and assign Corrective Actions
  13. Train Team Members on GMP and Food Safety principles
  14. Other


Job Description details


  1. Incoming ingredient and packaging sampling and testing:
  • Inspect and document damaged goods
  • Pull samples for inspection if needed
  • Compare incoming packaging and labels against a control
  • Review receiving records



  1. Perform pre-operational inspections:
  • Conduct required Allergen Swabbing
  • Inspect systems for cleanliness
  • Ensure GMP’s are being followed
  • Release systems for production
  • Review pre-operational records


  1. Monitor production processes:
  • Ensure GMP’s are being followed
  • Review in process documents
  • Ensure Lots and Best By dates are correct


  1. Verify and Monitor CCPs:
  • Conduct random CCP inspections
  • Review CCP records


  1. Perform in process testing:
  • Conduct random case / bag inspections
  • Conduct random weight checks
  • Conduct seal checks
  • Conduct required allergen test


  1. Organize and maintain retain samples:
  • Pull retains for each lot produced
  • Monitor and organize the retain cabinets
  • Remove expired retains from storage area


  1. Prepare samples for 3rd party laboratory testing:
  • Pull samples for testing
  • Label samples
  • Complete SARF
  • Call Lab for pick up
  • Determine disposition of product after testing


  1. Conduct environmental sampling and testing:
  • Swab areas for environmental
  • Label samples
  • Complete SARF
  • Call Lab for pick up


  1. Maintain hold and release program:
  • Place products needing testing or not meeting requirements on HOLD
  • Log all items placed on HOLD into the Hold log
  • Goal is to remove items from HOLD within 10 days
  • Notify all affected employees of product placed on HOLD
  1. Conduct Internal GMP Auditing:
  • Conduct monthly GMP audits
  • Document all items needing attention
  • Issue Corrective Actions to relevant departments
  • Follow up with Corrective Actions


  1. Assist with customer complaint investigations:
  • Conduct investigations relevant to customer complaints
  • Pull documents and retains if required
  • Document all findings
  • Detail Corrective Actions
  • Respond to QA Management


  1. Initiate and assign Corrective Actions:
  • Write Corrective Actions for all Food Safety & Quality items needing attention
  • Log all Corrective Actions
  • Issue Corrective Actions to relevant departments
  • Follow up to ensure all Corrective Actions have been completed and returned


  1. Train Team Members on GMP and Food Safety principles:
  • Conduct on the line training of GMP’s and Food Safety principles with all employees
  • Assist with Monthly trainings
  • Train new QA Techs


  1. Other:
  • All other duties as assigned

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