Quality Assurance Data Specialist – California

It is the duty and responsibility of the Quality Assurance Data Specialist to assist with establishing and maintaining a quality assurance program that will meet the requirements of Customers, SQF and fulfill the needs of Honeyville Inc.  The Quality Assurance Data Specialist will work closely with the Quality Assurance Manager in regards to all aspects of Data associated with the Quality Assurance Program. The Quality Assurance Data Specialist will learn, follow and perform the duties and responsibilities as outlined in the Quality Assurance Job Description detailed below.

Reports to: Quality Assurance Manager Rancho Division


Qualifications Required:  Basic Computer Skills. (Excel, Word)


Under Direction of the Quality Assurance Manager assist in the following duties and responsibilities:                                                            

  1. Oversee Vendor Approval Process
  2. Oversee Incoming Documents
  3. Conduct regular assessments of incoming goods
  4. Oversee and maintain active ingredient register
  5. Conduct annual database update
  6. Oversee product testing log
  7. Oversee and maintain Allergen matrix
  8. Oversee and manage Allergen Cleaning and Sanitizing Log
  9. Create and maintain Quality/Food Safety Documents
  10. Obtain documentation as needed
  11. Other

Job Description Details:

  1. Oversee vendor Approval process
  • Send Quality/Food Safety Questionnaires to all new vendors
  • Receive and file appropriate documentation for all items being supplied
  • Review forms and documents before sending to QA manager for final approval
  • Inform purchasing team when a vendor has completed the approval process


  1. Oversee Incoming Documents
  • Review and organize all incoming good forms submitted by warehouse.
  • Edit and complete forms to ensure maximum clarity.
  • Inform warehouse managers of any discrepancies on the forms by warehouse workers.
  • Ensure correct COA’s (Certificates of Analysis) have been received with all shipments.
  1. Conduct regular assessments of incoming goods
  • Assure all COA’s and Specifications are in the quality database.
  • Verify ingredient analysis corresponds to specification sheets provided by their suppliers.
  • Record all findings on COA and Spec Verification Log
  • Inform QA manager of any ingredients that are off Spec.
  1. Oversee and maintain active ingredient register
  • File all item specific documents into the Rancho Product Database
  • Record dates of all documents into the register
  • Note if any documents are not applicable
  • Request any missing documentation needed to complete the register.
  1. Conduct annual database update
  • Request updated documents from suppliers if they are over a year old.
  • Acquire all expired certificates.
  • Organize and record all updated documents before yearly audit.
  1. Oversee Product Testing Log
  • Ensure all products sent out for testing have been properly recorded by QA technicians
  • Verify that all analysis received from 3rd party labs corresponds to Honeyville specification standards.
  • Record all findings on Silliker testing Log
  1. Oversee and Maintain Allergen Matrix
  • Check ingredient Specification and Allergen documents for any declarations
  • Record allergens for every ingredient stored in the warehouse
  • Update the matrix on a weekly basis.
  1. Oversee and manage Allergen Cleaning and Sanitizing Log
  • Acquire formulations for each blend being used on production lines.
  • Record ingredient specific allergen information
  • Organize information in a manner that easily allows production to identify the most effective cleaning procedure.
  1. Create and maintain Quality/Food Safety documents
  • Create internal specifications and ensure all information is as accurate and detailed as possible.
  • Create/Revise QA registers and matrices for new QA projects as needed.
  • Maintain all documents and records in an organized manner
  • All records and documents to be kept on file according to the document retention policy.


  1. Obtain documentation as needed
  • Request documentation needed to respond to customer inquiries.
  • Request documentation according to changing Food Safety and Quality regulations.
  • Work closely with purchasing team to ensure documentation is being received in a timely manner.
  1. Other
  • All other duties as assigned.


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