Do you buy your Food Storage in bulk sometimes? I do for a couple of reasons: it is less expensive to buy in bulk for items that I go through on a regular basis, I don’t love canning food or mylar bagging it (though I have done it and it works out great), but I would rather just open my 25 or 50 pound bag, dump, seal, and put away! Yes, some may call this lazy, and I am so not offended if this is what you think. It is just easier for me to do bulk.
Anyway, on to the tip for buying in bulk:
Store your bulk food in a food grade bucket. Such as a 5 gallon or 6 gallon bucket. Then I like to use Gamma Lids. But you only need one Gamma Lid per product. And they come in several different colors so you can even *color coordinate your food! For example, you may have five buckets of wheat. Get one gamma lid for the current bucket of wheat you are working with and then the other four buckets you can seal tightly shut with the lid that comes with it. When you run out of wheat in your “currently using” bucket you will just dump wheat into that one from your “other four buckets” and you will never have to replace the gamma lid. 

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The left lid is a gamma lid. Once you seal the outside ring, the actual lid part twists easily on and off…it’s amazing!
(*Online the white gamma lid is sold, color variations are available in a Retail Store)
Also, here is a chart to help you know how much food will fit into your bucket:
PDF Link:

Container Size
Wheat, Beans, Rice, Sugar
Powdered Milk,
Potato Flakes, Oatmeal,
6 Grain
#10 Cans
5.72 pounds
4.2 pounds
2.98 pounds
1/2 Gallon PETE
3.5 pounds
2.5 pounds
1.5 pounds
1 Gallon   PETE
7 pounds
5 pounds
3 pounds
1.25 Gallon
9.75 pounds
6.25 pounds
3.75 pounds
3.5 Gallons
24.5 pounds
17.5 pounds
10.5 pounds
4 Gallons
30 pounds
20 pounds
13 pounds
5 Gallons
35 pounds
25 pounds
15 pounds
6 Gallons
45 pounds
27 pounds
17 pounds

How do you like to store your bulk food storage?