With mother’s day coming up, I have racked my brain trying to decide what the perfect gift might be for my mom this year. We always think of things like flowers or jewelry, which are great but almost become the ritual gift that mom’s expect. As much as my mom loves diamonds and crystals, I thought of a new way to gift them to her this year: the Swiss Diamond Fry Pan

My mom enjoys cooking, baking, broiling, and creating new dishes and meals in the kitchen. She likes to try new food and discover new ways to make them. Swiss Diamond has a frying pan that is top of the line, and when properly cleaned, will last a lifetime. What makes it so great? The non-stick coating is lined with real diamonds, which not only help control the heat while cooking but help strengthen the non-stick process. Think about it, how many people can say they have diamonds in their kitchen tools? Also, the non-stick pan is super easy to clean and makes cooking and cleaning a cinch. 

Swiss Diamond uses strictly green, environmentally friendly manufacturing practices. Their factory is powered by 100% hydroelectric power from the Swiss Alps, and the production process is free of PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic Acid) from start to finish. An undrinkable water source is how they supply the cooling system and coating lines, and water used in the coating lines is also recycled.   

The furnaces are powered by natural gas, and the factory runs constantly to ensure that furnaces are fully utilized. The production of the nonstick coating is also environmentally friendly. They do not use a pre-fabricated base. The coating material is manufactured in-house, importing each component to the Swiss factory and mixing it themselves. This reduces transportation emissions, packaging and associated environmental impact needed to supply the finished goods. Coating materials leftovers are disposed in a special 3rd party facility to separate the components and minimize environmental impact.

The Swiss Diamond nonstick coating has been named the best nonstick cookware for the past three years in a row by the leading U.S. consumer organization and is also ranked #1 in both Australia and New Zealand. Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend, whether using them as a coating on her frying pan, or wearing them on her finger. Try the new line of Swiss Diamond Cookware and other new items that Honeyville has to offer.