Is there anything more summer than camping? I can remember as a kid some of the best summer weekends I had were spent camping with my dad. Whether that was settled up next to a gorgeous mountain lake or just sprawled out on a sleeping bag in the backyard, it was always a great time to just relax by a fire and count the stars and satellites passing by.

However, anyone who has ever camped knows the joys and also heartaches that can be associated with camping food. So today, I thought we’d take the basic three meals that everyone needs for an overnight camping trip and see if we can find the easiest, and even tastiest, solutions out there. Those meals are Dinner, Breakfast, and a snack.


Now that you’ve arrived at your favorite campsite, set up your tent, sprayed on the mosquito repellent, and started a fire, what’s next? That’s right, it’s chow time! But if you’re like me, hauling all that camping equipment up the mountain left little room for any food. Not to worry, because Honeyville has given us the simplest meal you could find: Honeyville’s Rotini with Meat Sauce.
Is there anything that could sound more manly? It’s pasta. It’s meat. It’s perfect! Just add 1 cup of boiling water to ½ cup of mix and you’re good to go! No messing with a grill or eating cold food. This is the perfect choice for camping.


Any cub scout will tell you it’s not an overnight camping trip unless there are pancakes involved. And with Honeyville’s Buttermilk Pancake and Waffle Mix, why wouldn’t you want to wake up in the morning? With a simple griddle, 1 cup mix, and ¾ cup water, you’ll have 6-7 delicious pancakes ready to start your day off right. And come on, everyone knows this simple math equation: Pancakes + Camping = summer happiness!


Going on a small hike or exploring a lakeside shore? Then you need a high protein, high energy snack to keep you going. So why don’t we take a page out of the King of Rock and Roll’s recipe book and add a little twist on it. That’s right, peanut butter and banana tortilla rolls. Simply take some Honeyville Powdered Peanut Butter (add 2 parts water to 4 parts powder to reconstitute), some Honeyville Deyhdrated Banana Chips, and a flour tortilla and you’ve got the perfect snake that even Elvis would envy. And, if you’re feeling extra crazy, try making your own tortillas before you head to the mountains with this amazing 9 grain Tortilla Mix from Chef Tess.

Well, enough talk, let’s grab the propane lanterns and swiss army knife and head out for one more weekend getaway before school starts! Enjoy!