I can’t believe it is already September! Oh how I can’t wait to feel the fall weather! And next month is Halloween…..and for some reason, don’t know what the reason is, but I LOVE Halloween! I am already thinking of costume ideas for my kiddos. Anyways, enough about me and how the months are flying past us here, and on to our line up of classes for September. And yes, we have some good classes lined up for you! These are taught at the Retail Stores. For you that don’t live by a Retail Store, we are going to as many classes as we can and then we will type up the notes for you.

There will always be the most up to date info on our Class Tab….so you may want to check it before heading off to a class to make sure nothing has changed.

Chandler, AZ:
Saturday, September 10th, 10am All about Seeds by Kristen Mitchell
Kirsten will be discussing; Seed Lingo (organic, non-hybrid, non-gmo, open pollination, heirloom), the benefits of starting a garden. Why avoid seeds from the big box store, seed saving, they importance of buying local, and food Economy

Saturday, Sept. 17th 10am Bold Better Bread Seminar by Chef Tess

As a pastry chef and mom I am often asked how I make such supple and tasty whole grain bread that isn’t dry! If you are aching to become a bold better baker…this is a great class for you! Beginners and experienced bakers are welcome! I cover the basics and some unique techniques that help you make delightful whole grain bread fit into your life! Tuesday, S

September 20th 10am Got Milk….now what? by Dorothy Jackson

Remember those days of chalky, lumpy, “yucky” powdered milk? Well those days are over.  Come meet the new and improved powdered milk …learn how to use it to make yogurt, magic mix, sweetened condensed milk, etc. I’ll also share some ideas on how to use powered eggs and freeze dried cheese. We don’t have to wait for a emergency, let’s start using all those wonderful items that we have in our storage! 

Tuesday, Sept 27th  10am Beans 101 by Chef Tess

Are you wondering how to cook beans from the raw starter dry bean into a plump nugget of happiness? Beans come in many varieties and  can be used in savory dishes and desserts! They add so much to your life. Jack and his beanstalk were just the beginning! Come learn some tricks of the trade from Chef Stephanie Petersen. A chef, friend  and mom who will take you places you’ve never “bean”! 

Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Saturday, Sept 10th  10am-Shirley J Universal Sauce taught by Scott Florence
Come and see how easy it is to use their Universal Sauce. It will be a fun and informative class for everyone!
$5 per person and $7 per couple

Saturday, Sept 24th 10am Marlene’s Magic Step 5 taught by Daneen Ruggles
This class will cover beans and sprouting. This class will be informative and helpful for everyone! We all need some good ideas on how to use some of our beans and grains and how to sprout to keep us healthy in our everyday lives.
$5 per person and $7 per couple

Brigham City, Utah:
Friday, September 9 10:00am Cooking with Powdered Milk and Powdered Eggs taught by Cheryl Moore.
Come learn how to use your powdered milk to make sweetened condensed mil, yogurt, evaporated milk and other things. Come learn how to incorporate your powdered eggs in baking and breakfast meals. After the class you will be a pro at making delicious meals using your powdered milk and powdered eggs.

Friday, September 9 11:30am Using your Dehydrated Food taught by Cheryl Moore
Cheryl Moore will be teaching how to dehydrate food and you’ll also learn how easy it is to use your dehydrated food in your everyday meals!  You’ll be able to taste a few of the dishes that you can do with dehydrated food too!

Tuesday, September 13 10AM – Cooking with Quinoa and Amaranth taught by Sharon Christensen
Ever wonder about Quinoa and Amaranth?  This class will be about making delicious items using these great products.
 Wednesday, September 14 5PM “Coconut Oil. It’s a Must” taught by Ross Lloyd
Coconut Oil is great as a cooking oil, an essential salad oil for an exotic taste, embellishes hair for that soft and silky feel, relieves dry skin itchiness as a massage oil and body lotion, and so many other benefits!  Ross Lloyd, owner of Coconut Treat Inc., will be here to educate us all on how coconut oil benefits your life on so many different levels.

Saturday, September 24 10AM -Sun Oven Demo with Paul Munsen
Paul Munsen, president of Sun Ovens International, is back in town and we’re thrilled to have him teaching classes on the techniques of perfect cooking in your Sun Oven.  Come learn from the master!

Friday, September 30 2:30PM – Sun Oven Demo with Paul Munsen

Paul Munsen, president of Sun Ovens International, is back in town and we’re thrilled to have him teaching classes on the techniques of perfect cooking in your Sun Oven.  Come learn from the master!
Salt Lake City, Utah:
It is “Teaching Tuesday’s” at this Store. You can expect a class EVERY Tuesday!

Tuesday, September 6 11AM – 5 That Will Change Your Attitude About Food Storage
Store Manager, Lisa Barker, will be sharing her “must haves”!  Come see, use, and explore some resources that can help make your food storage a doable project for you!

Tuesday, September 13 11AM – Redmond Clay & Salt Products
Ronda Gabrielson of Redmond Trading Company will be explaining the health benefits and great uses of both the Redmond Clays and Salts.  Do you drink clay?  Come and find out why you should!

Tuesday September 20 11AM – Friends of Honeyville Potluck Luncheon
Here is your chance to show off your favorite dishes using food storage so that others can see!  Bring your favorite dishes that use your food storage, along with the recipe to share and we’ll all have a great time tasting and experimenting with new products.

Wednesdays, September 21, 28, October 5 11AM – The New Food Storage Plan with Afton & Jenee
*This is a 3 week course and requires registration and a cost of $25 per person for all food samples and materials.
Don’t know what to store? Where to store it? How to cook it? Has a year’s supply been overwhelming to you in the past?  This new idea in food storage may be the solution for you!  Afton Baxter and Jenee Uzelac are preparedness consultants and teachers that will be helping you get through these common questions.  Each class we’ll have information, discussions, tasting, humor, and even games!

Saturday, Sept 24th 10am  Menu Board Planner  

Designer Kelly Brown will be our instructor in putting together the adorable menu boards that we in the store. The class is free, but you need the kit, which comes in two different styles for a cost of $32. You can purchase the kit to take home at any time, but Kelly will be here to help you put it together quickly and enjoy organizing your meals and your food storage!

Saturday, September 24 1PM – Sun Oven Demonstration by Paul Munsen
Paul Munsen, president of Sun Ovens International, is back in town and we’re thrilled to have him teaching classes on the techniques of perfect cooking in your Sun Oven.  Come learn from the master!

Tuesday, September 27 10AM – Sun Oven Demonstration by Paul Munsen
If you couldn’t make it to the Tuesday class, no biggie we are repeating it on Saturday.  Paul Munsen will be teaching the techniques of perfect cooking in your Sun Oven