In-Store Specials for March 12 – 24 – It’s our Green Sale! In honor of St. Patrick’s Day we have picked our best selling Green items to put on sale!  What are some of your traditions for St. Patty’s day?
Honeyville Farms Freeze Dried Peas #10 can  

Honeyville Farms Freeze Dried Green Beans #10 can 
Honeyville Farms Freeze Dried Zucchini #10 can
Honeyville Farms Freeze Dried Broccoli #10 can 
Honeyville Farms Dehydrated Green Onions #10 can
Honeyville Farms Dehydrated Celery #10 can
Green Split Peas 25 lbs (Only in Rancho, SLC, and Brigham Stores) 
Whole Green Peas 25 lbs (Only in Rancho, SLC, and Chandler Stores)
Green Gamma Lids for 5 & 6 Gallon buckets
Green Bucket Opener – (All in One) 
Honeyville Farms Regular Milk Substitute 25 lbs
Honeyville Farms Chocolate Milk Substitute 25 lbs 
Remember to call your local Retail Store for pricing and product availability.

Also here are a list of winners from the In-Store Anniversary Sale Winners…

Prepare My Life Planner – Ginny B.

Mix-A-Meal Cookbooks & Flavors
   1.  Helen B
   2.  Jerry Allen
   3.  Jim G.

Redmond Clay & Salt Pkg.  –  Greg Oaks

Saratoga Jack Water Filter Set – Kathy Christensen
Lucero Gift Set – Tami Girsberger
Cindy Van Bibber Cookbook Set – Jim G.
Aquamira Water Package – Julene R.

Bottle Mate & Lid Holder Set
    1.  James Brown
    2.  Patti Ault
    3.  Jone R.
    4.  Carol Allred
    5.  Greg Oaks
    6.  Brent

Peggy Layton Cookbook Set – Gina Johnson
Irresistibly Gluten-Free Cookbook
   1.  Jerry Allen
   2.  Corina Greves
   3.  Dorothea Christensen
Chef Tess Apron / T-Shirt
   1.  Dorothea Christensen
   2.  Tami Girsberger
   3.  Jerry Allen
Coconut Oil
  1.  Kammie Jones
  2.  Linda Thompson
  3.  Kathy Christensen
  4.  Jone Richardson
  5.  Diane Adamson
  6.  Maria Buchanan
  7.  Dorothea Christensen
  8.  Dan B.
  9.  Gina Johnson
 10.  Diane Newren
 11.  Greg Oaks
 12.  Jerry Allen
Emergency Wick Candle
  1.  Jim G.
  2.  James Brown
  3.  Erin
  4.  Jerry Allen
  5.  Erin Johnson
  6.  Goul
Nutri-Mill & Bagger  –  Gina Johnson
Victorio Grain Mill – Carlyn
It’s In the Bag / W.O.W. Diet / 100 Day Pantry Book Set – Dorothea Christensen

Sun Oven – Dan Shultz
Thermal Cooker – Dough Stanley

If your name was listed above contact the SLC store (801) 972-2168 to find out how to claim your prize!

Congrats and Happy St. Patty’s Day!