As promised we used the amazing, mouth-watering, Pineapple-Mango Salsa with a number of meals last week. 

1. First and foremost: enjoyed some chips and salsa!

2. We had some Ham/Salsa over Rice:

Put the following in a Crock pot:
1-2 cups water
Desired amount of Salsa (I think I ended up using about 2 cups)

Cook for 1 1/2-2 hours on high. Check on water level about half way through. Serve over rice.

Okay, everyone….YUMMY!!! It really was delicious! I like the Honeyville Freeze Dried Ham. But the Ham in this recipe was very tasty, it made me fall in LOVE with it! 

3. Use some Honeyville Freeze Dried Cheese and whip up a quick Quesadilla….the perfect dip!

4. We made Nachos with it

5. We had scrumptious burritos (so much so, I forgot to take a picture! sorry!)-These were my favorite probably! But you know us, we can put anything in a tortilla and LOVE it!

6. We had some leftovers of the Ham/Salsa, so we whipped up some eggs and made Breakfast Burritos (see I told you we like putting anything in tortillas!)….hmmmm….mmmmm. You could use the Ova-Easy Eggs or the Honeyville Freeze Dried Scrambled Eggs.

See what I mean??? I wasn’t joking when I said we used it for multiple meals ALL week long!!! Ha, ha!!!

Enjoy, enjoy!