I feel like we are on the downhill side of summer….and I am SO sad! Let me clarify- downhill side until school starts (only 3 weeks left!!), but I don’t see the temperatures lightening up anytime soon. I loved this idea not only for the taste of it, but also because my kids LOVED having their own drink, slushie, popsicle, or whatever you want to call it! I also loved it because it can be taken to so many different events- sports games, carnivals or festivals, or just given to your child to enjoy in your backyard. And you can make it whatever flavor you want! Just as a heads up, I took these bags to a soccer game for my kids to enjoy (it was 100 degrees outside) and it took a good hour before it was edible and not frozen solid. So choose your type of container wisely and you may want to bring it out of the freezer in enough time to become edible before you tell your children about it so they aren’t bugging you every minute for their “treat.”


Container of your choice (I chose freezer Ziploc bags for the convenience of throwing them away)
Slices of lemon or Honeyville Freeze Dried Fruit (optional)
Make up powder drink according to package instructions. Separate into chosen containers, freeze, and pull out when ready to enjoy!

Enjoy!!! Sounds refreshing, huh?