The Retail Stores (brick and mortar stores) are having a Mix and Match Case Lot Sale for Fruits and Vegetables

Mix It Up with ANY 6 #10 cans of Fruits or Vegetables and you get the sale price. This includes our entire line of #10 cans of Freeze Dried or Dehydrated Fruits or Vegetables.

This is a super time to stock up on your favorites and try some new ones to put variety in your food storage.  Don’t forget these make tasty and very nutritious snacks.  I know I’ll be stocking up on my favorites. 

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Also there are some classes this weekend for the Brigham City, UT and Salt Lake City, UT stores:

Brigham City, UT
January 21 (Friday) 10:00 AM “Gluten Free Cooking”
This class will be taught by Grant Cefalo, Registered Dietician from McKay Dee Hospital. Gluten Free cooking that tastes good and is good for you!

Salt Lake City, UT
January 22 (Saturday) 10:00 AM “How to Bottle Meat”
This class will be taught by Afton Baxter.  Come learn the tips and tricks to bottling meat!  You’ll also learn how to bottle recipe meats like Barbeque Beef.  Yummy! 
January 22 (Saturday) 2:00 PM “Making Sourdough Bread”
This class will be taught by Chris Stokes, Baker/Owner of the HH Bread Company.   There is a class fee of $15.  You will receive a sourdough start and learn all about the fun of making sourdough bread.  This is a perfect side to have any time but especially during soup season!

Call the stores today to secure your spot!