One of the most often asked questions is, “I just purchased….what size container will I need to store it in?” So here is one of my most favorite handouts Honeyville has! It will show you exactly how much product is stored in what size container. Now you just have to figure out what size containers you want to store in your home. Each family is different, living quarters different, size different…so it all comes down to preference and what is convenient for you. In my family we have chosen to store the most frequently used product in 6 gallon buckets (sugar, flour, oats, wheat & rice). I have put a Gamma Lid on the bucket that we are currently using for easy access. The excess buckets have the white lids that come with the bucket that you have to pry off with a tool and that break your finger nails!!! Then when the “currently used” bucket is empty, we just dump a bucket of new product in so we can always have easy access to the product. 
Product that I wanted stored in smaller amounts I have put in #10 cans and store under my bed or in closet’s (beans, pasta, jello, etc…)
I took some random pictures of what I just explained to help give you a visual. Hope this helps a little!                                                                                         
Container Size
Wheat, Beans, Rice, Sugar
Powdered Milk,
Potato Flakes, Oatmeal,
6 Grain
#10 Cans
5.72 pounds
4.2 pounds
2.98 pounds
1/2 Gallon PETE
3.5 pounds
2.5 pounds
1.5 pounds
1 Gallon   PETE
7 pounds
5 pounds
3 pounds
1.25 Gallon
9.75 pounds
6.25 pounds
3.75 pounds
3.5 Gallons
24.5 pounds
17.5 pounds
10.5 pounds
4 Gallons
30 pounds
20 pounds
13 pounds
5 Gallons
35 pounds
25 pounds
15 pounds
6 Gallons
45 pounds
27 pounds
17 pounds


As you see below….I have a Yellow Gamma Lid for Sugar. I put some masking tape on the top to remind me which product it is. If you aren’t quite sure what a Gamma Lid is, see in the picture how it just screws on and off? It is super easy! Once the sugar is gone, I will fill this bucket up so that I will never have to get rid of this bucket/gamma lid.

Here is what my excess buckets look like. The good ole lid
that breaks the finger nails and you have to pry off with a tool. 
#10 Cans stacked up in my closest. Didn’t want to store my fruits & veggies in 6 gallon buckets.
Have fun organizing your food storage!