Eggs. Do we realize how often we use them in our baking and cooking? Aside from any breakfast dish or casserole, I wonder if we comprehend just how often we’re cracking shells and dropping yolks into our dough’s and batters. Think about it, when was the last time you baked or cooked something that didn’t call for eggs? Truth be told, we use eggs far more than we may realize.

So what happens when the cost of eggs rises, when the grocery store egg shelves run bare, or when you get the news that you must remove eggs from your diet? What do you do? How do you replace such an essential ingredient for nearly every recipe you have? I’ll tell you how, in three words. Flax Seed Meal.

That’s right, with just a single Tablespoon of Flax Seed Meal and a little bit of water, you can have everything you want from an egg in a recipe without, well, the egg! Not only is this recipe extremely simple and easy to make, it can be used in nearly any baking dish that calls for eggs. Cakes, cookies, pies, sweet breads, you name it, this egg substitute will bake it! And best of all, it can work with our amazing Flax Seed Meal, or, as we’ll demonstrate below, our regular Flax Seeds ground in a seed or coffee grinder. Convinced yet? Then grab that whisk, it’s time to make a Flax Seed Meal Egg Substitute!

1 tsp Honeyville Flax Seed, ground (or 1 Tbsp Honeyville Flax Seed Meal)
2 1/2 Tbsp Water

Yields: Substitute for 1 egg

First, grind your Flax Seed in a seed or coffee grinder. You want to come out with 1 full Tbsp of Flax Seed Meal.

Add Flax Seed meal to bowl with water and whisk together. You now have an egg substitute equivalent for 1 egg. Add to any recipe.

This recipe is simple, easy, and literally makes up in seconds. The texture is very similar to an egg, and the whole thing mixes up perfectly in any recipe you’re making. Who new that two simple ingredients, when combined, could serve as the perfect substitute for any egg.

With egg prices on the rise, and egg supply shrinking, isn’t it time for a change? Isn’t it time for our Flax Seed Meal Egg Substitute?