This past week I had the great pleasure of meeting Tami with who supplies all our retail stores with “The Laundry Bucket” and “Emergency Toilets“. sends all their products to be tested beforehand so it’s been tweaked here and there to become the perfect kit for your family. 
First let’s talk about “The Laundry Bucket“:

This kit has everything you’d need to be able to wash 10 bucket loads of laundry each week for one entire year!  All you need to do is supply the dirty clothes and water.  When I say everything I mean everything!  There is a bag to put your clothes pins in after you’ve done your laundry and a bag to put the step by step instructions and helpful hints in so they don’t get wet and ruined while trying to do your wash! 
Don’t even get me started on how deliciously awesome the soap smells.  I mean delicious in a I-don’t-want-to-eat-it-but-I’d-like-my-clothes-and-house-to-smell-like-this way.  I admit I am particular when I buy laundry soap because of smells but this one had me at first whiff!  If you wanted, you don’t need to wait for an emergency to start using this soap.  For Top Loading Washers you’d use about 2 Tablespoons of prepared laundry soap, for Front Loading Machines only 1 Tablespoon per load. 
“Clean clothes matter even when electricity isn’t an option!”
Okay next, let’s discuss Emergency Toilets.  You know I never liked camping because one-I hate getting dirty and not having a place to wash my hands, two-the fear of a bear or some other vicious animal attack during the night and three-the bathroom situation.  With this handy bucket I at least can be assured I’ll have somewhere more normal to…um…go.  Yep not just for emergencies either, take this bucket with you on camping trips.
Each Emergency Toilet contains: a 5 gallon bucket, Snap-on toilet seat with lid, emergency toilet bag kit, 2 rolls of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, personal cleansing cloths, rubber gloves and sanitizing wipes (for cleaning), and easy to follow instructions.
It is estimated that the Emergency Toilet would last 2 people 1 week.  If you have a larger than a 2 person family, there is room to add additional Emergency Toilet Bag Kits or Personal Emergency Toilets Kits (both available at our retail stores).  Once you take your Emergency Toilet home be sure to add any other bathroom type items to your kit (ie feminine hygiene products, ´╗┐any ointments/creams, etc.) that you may need.  The Personal Emergency Toilet Kits would be handy to have in a 72 Hour Kit too.
Sanitation is a worry in any emergency.  These products can help you combat those concerns.  Be sure to check out the Laundry Bucket or Emergency Toilet next time you stop at any of our 4 retail stores.
Thanks for Reading!