Just a reminder that classes are being offered this week.   There are two–both on Friday, January 7th

Food Storage Basic-Chandler, AZ Retail Store 4:00 PM
The class will go over what to store and where to start on your food storage plan.  There is going to be a drawing for a chance to win a few free products to those who participate in the class.  This class is free.  Our very own Becca S. will be teaching this.  If you are in the area you’ll definitely want to check it out. 
Call (480) 785-5210 to secure your spot today!

How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off-Brigham City, UT Retail Store 10:00 AM
This class will be taught by Grant Cefalo, Registered Dietician from McKay Dee hospital. You will learn about easy changes for the new year, using what you have at your house to lose weight and what really works to lose weight! This class is also free.  So genius to use what you have around the house–love that concept!
Call (435) 494-4193 to secure your spot today!

Happy Learning!