Fall is officially here, and what better way to kick off the baking season than with a delicious treat made with the perfect autumn fruit, apples! I absolutely love apples, especially during this time of year. Sweet, crisp, and perfect in almost any treat, they encompass everything we love about fall time.

With our minds on crisp leaves, orange, red, and brown colors, and cool evenings, we decided today was the perfect day to create one of our favorite autumn treats, Cinnamon Apple Energy Balls. Think about it, what tastes get you more excited for sweaters, scarfs, and romps in the Pumpkin Patch than apples and cinnamon? Best of all, these balls require no baking whatsoever. That means you can have more time to enjoy all your autumn activities, while still having a delicious snack! Oh the joy! Oh the excitement! Wrap yourself up in your favorite jacket, it’s time for Cinnamon Apple Energy Balls!

1/2 cup Dates, pitted
1 cup Honeyville Freeze Dried Apples
1/2 cup Honeyville Regular Rolled Oats
1/2 tsp Cinnamon
1/4 cup Water

First, prepare your mixture.


In your BOSCH Food Processor Attachment, place dates, apples, oats, cinnamon, and water. Pulse until all ingredients are combined and a sticky dough forms.


Next, take spoonfuls of dough out and roll into balls. Place on your USA Pan Cookie Sheet, lined with parchment paper. Place in refrigerator and let sit up for 2 hours before enjoying.


Packed full of cinnamon goodness, these bites are sure to make your taste buds sing! The Freeze Dried Apples give the perfect taste and crunch, while the oats hold everything together and give you that perfect energy boost to get you through your everyday autumn activities. These are the perfect hand-held treats for any fall occasion, and are so to be a hit in your home.


Autumn time is apple time, so why not kick it off right with these tasty energy treats!