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Flour and Grains treated by Tempsure dryheat process.
TempSURE Dry Heat Process


Solutions for Safer Foods

TempSURE® Innovation

Dry Heat, Heat Treatment, Sterilization, Kill Step

Scientist analyzing food data after the heat treatment process
different types of dry powders

In 2009 the CDC released a report of an E-Coli outbreak resulting from consumers eating raw refrigerated cookie dough. Many large food corporations encounter similar risks using flours and powders that are not heat-treated. Seeing the need for safer foods, Honeyville developed the patented TempSure process. By heat-treating flours and ingredients TempSure provides security and safer solutions to the industry and its consumers. Leading food brands, Nutraceautical, and pharmaceutical companies alike enjoy safer ingredients with the proven TempSure process.

The proprietary TempSURE® all natural dry heat process was designed and built right here at Honeyville Inc. Our staff of experts created a system that uses closely monitored heat to act as a kill step in reducing or eliminating the level of bacteria in dry food ingredients. In a way, TempSURE is similar to ingredient sterilization in that dry ingredients with high harmful bacteria counts are made safe for consumption without using any chemicals or fumigants.

What makes TempSURE® so unique? With TempSURE, products are heat-treated in their original packaging. Our advanced proprietary process allows for customization and safe handling because of our specially designed system that keeps your ingredients in the original packaging. By keeping ingredients in the original packaging no foreign allergens are introduced and ingredients that may contain natural allergens are isolated to prevent any cross contamination. Additionally, no chemical fumigants are used, allowing for organic products to be heat-treated.

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