Hard Whole White Wheat Flour: is milled from sound, scientifically cleaned and specifically selected white wheat to produce a premium quality patent flour. This special blend of flour produces hearty whole wheat breads that taste great and are highly nutritious. Hard Whole White Wheat Flour contains the bran, germ and endosperm in the same proportions as in the intact kernels from which it was processed. It is an ultra-fine whole grain flour which makes it ideal for baking!


Pie Pastry Flour: is milled from sound, scientifically cleaned and specifically selected soft white wheat, to produce a premium quality pastry flour. Pie Perfection Flour is unbleached and provides freshness, high tolerance, and simplicity. Honeyville Pie Perfection Flour is an ideal product for your pie baking needs!


Alta Artisan Flour: is an unbleached high quality flour that’s similar to a low-protein European style flour. It has less gluten, which helps create crisper crusts and irregular hole structures. This flour type is commonly used to make baguettes, croissants, rustic breads, donut bases and more. While the fiber and protein is low, it does contain high amounts of iron, which is important for red blood cells. Honeyville Alta Artisan Unbleached Flour produces amazing results and is ideal for your baking needs.


Chicago Style Pizza Crust Mix: is a just-add-water mix that turns any home cook into a pizza pro. Formulated specifically for a deep dish style pizza, our Chicago Style Pizza Crust mix will have your family wondering where you ordered the pizza from.


Belgian Waffle Mix: is a way to transport your taste buds to a small village café in Belgium. Simply add water and pour the mixture into your waffle maker and in a couple of minutes you will have light, fluffy and sweet Belgian Waffles the whole family will enjoy. Try adding some strawberries and Insta-whip on top for a dessert style waffle.


Churro Mix: is a just-add-water easy to use mix. Formulated right here at Honeyville, our churro mix is second to none. Imagine the taste and smell of amusement park churro’s right in your own home. Using a personal churro maker which we carry in our Honeyville stores, you can create the tasty treat, by simply adding water and forming the mixture into that iconic shape.

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