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The Honeyville Mill

Food Product Formulation
& Design Service

Formulation & Design

Our in-house lab has the capabilities to formulate custom food mixes for just about any market in the food industry. Our formulating team can help you to create a product that you'll be proud to take to market. We can help you through the process or custom formulate based on your needs.

Honeyville can take you from idea, to prototype, to full scale retail market release in a flash. Our art department can create custom labels and packaging for your new product that will really showcase the positive attributes that lie within.

Dry Food Blending

Got a custom food mix that you want to add to your product line? Our industrial batch food blending and food packaging plant can take your dream from idea to finished product ready for shipment. Our formulation lab can put together just the food blend you're looking for. Our custom mix plant can blend your creation (from small pilot batches to large scale production runs) to a uniform blend. We can package your idea in any number of package types from film to cartons and beyond. We can warehouse and drop-ship or palletize and deliver to your preferred distribution channel. With Honeyville Food Products, the sky really is the limit.

Honeyville does custom blending for a wide range of clients across several different markets. Our clients in the beverage industry benefit from our consistent quality and years of experience in dry and custom formulated beverage blends. Example products in this industry would include hot cocoas, fruit smoothie mixes, various sweetened coffee beverages, and specialty ethnic beverage blends. Honeyville also works with many customers in the snack food industry, blending snack mixes, like granola, trail mix, and camping mixes. We produce a wide variety of finished bakery mixes in a wide variety of formats from traditional cake mixes to "Just Add Water" mixes for extreme ease of use and convenience. Our blending line pumps out our retail line of Gourmet Muffin Mixes, Premium Pancake Mixes, and Delicious Brownie Mixes. We have all of the equipment and the know-how to make full scale production runs. How can we make your idea a reality?

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