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Corn Tortilla Chips

The La Suprema® Line of Products:

Liquid Corn Tortilla Preservatives

The specific amount of liquid preservative needed for our customer's batches varies depending on the desired shelf life. Our skilled team is available to help determine the ideal level of preservative for any application.

  • La Suprema® Formula 40: Ready-To-Use formula, no dilution required
  • La Suprema® Formula 60: Ready-To-Use formula, no dilution required
  • La Suprema® Formula 450: Concentrated formula, requires dilution before use
  • La Suprema® Formula D-550: Concentrated formula, requires dilution before use

Powdered Preservatives for Corn & Flour Tortillas

  • La Suprema® BP-30 Preservative: For use with corn or wheat flour tortillas. May be used in combinations with liquid preservatives, as well as in Blue Corn Applications. Comes in a 50# Bag

Powdered Preservatives for Wheat Flour Tortillas

  • La Suprema® FDP-10 Preservative: For Press Tortillas. Up to a 20 to 25 day shelf life – Unit Pack 12 lb. 12 oz.
  • La Suprema® OMD-20 Preservative: For Press Tortillas up to a 15 to 20 day shelf life – Unit Pack 15 lb. 4 oz.

Powdered Dough Condition for Corn & Flour Tortillas

  • La Suprema® Plus + Dough Improver: Adds flexibility, moisture retention and softness for corn & wheat flour tortillas – 50# bag

Please contact us for information on our full line of Tortilla Products.

La Suprema Preservatives

For 10 years Honeyville Food Products has been a leader in offering the Hispanic Food Market our La Suprema® line of high quality preservative products. Whether you are producing corn tortillas, flour tortillas, chips or tostadas we have a formula to fit your individual needs. With an on-site technician we also have the ability to formulate any custom liquid preservative, powder preservative (batch-pack) and dough improvers (conditioners). You can be assured that our Sales Team as well as our technician have the necessary experience to provide support and trouble-shooting information to make sure you product achieves the desired level of shelf life.

We know that food safety is a high priority to the food industry. With a state-of-the-art blending and production room, and an on-site testing lab, we also offer the each of our valued customers peace of mind that our preservatives are manufactured in a warehouse that is SQF level 2 certified.

We can offer a variety of pack sizes. Currently we produced the La Suprema® Liquid Corn Preservatives in the following sizes:

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