Honeyville Announces New CEOJun 08, 2015

Long standing CEO Lowell Sherratt hands the torch to an excited next generation!

 Brigham City, UT (March 30, 2015) – Lowell Sherratt Jr. officially retired as CEO of Honeyville Inc. on February 1st, 2015. Lowell, who has been the CEO of Honeyville for over 40 years, is “handing off the torch” to food industry veteran and son-in-law Ed Hemphill. Mr. Hemphill was previously the successful division manager of Honeyville’s largest production facility located in Rancho Cucamonga, CA and has spent his career working for Honeyville Inc. Note: Lowell Sherratt Jr. will remain Chairman of the Board.

Honeyville Inc. continues to be a family owned profitable company and has no doubt that Ed Hemphill will follow in Lowell Sherratt Jr. footsteps in propelling the company forward. Ed has worked for Honeyville since 1981 and has held many trusted leadership roles. An official letter issued in the company stated, “The Board of Directors is excited about the future of the company under the capable hands of Ed Hemphill. Ed has demonstrated his leadership skills as the division manager of the Rancho Cucamonga Division…”

The transition of leadership at Honeyville Inc. marks an important time for the company. Ed brings new skills and focus to the direction of the ever growing and innovative food industry. Mr. Hemphill stated “I am very humbled by the fact that our Board of Directors has asked me to lead such a wonderful and great company. We have a wonderful history and have developed a very good reputation in the industry.  It is our focus to continue to build on this and to grow our business by developing stronger relationships with our customers and vendors.  We are all very excited and looking forward to what the future holds for Honeyville.  There are exciting times ahead and as our owner has always said, “we are only scratching the surface.”

About Honeyville Inc.

Honeyville, Inc., a family owned company founded in 1951, has more than 60 years in the food industry. Its facilities – located in Utah, Arizona, California and Ohio – are highly-rated facilities with SQF Level 2 (NSF) facility certifications and additional 3rd party certifications in kosher, halal, organic, gluten-free products and non-GMO. Honeyville specializes in grain milling, heat-treatment, mixing/blending, private label co-packing, and wholesale ingredient distribution. For more information visit www.honeyville.com/services or call (909) 243-1048.